Tonghui TH2689A 电容泄漏电流表 (LC: 0.001uA-20.00mA/IR: 0.01kΩ-99.99GΩ)

Parameter: LC, IR, Tr, Vt


Trigger mode: INT/MAN/EXT/BUS

Sorting: High,Low,Pass with beeper alarm

Setting storage: 10 groups of status can be saved and loaded

Communication interface: RS232 GPIB(optional) SCPI command program supportable

Performance parameter: (condition, working temperature: 0°C─40°C, humidity : 90%RH,warmup time≥20 min)

Test voltage: 1.0V ─ 500V

Accuracy: ±(0.5% set value+0.2V)

Charge current:

- test voltage ≤100V,0.5mA─500mA;

- test voltage > 100V,0.5mA─Imax,

- Imax=50W/test voltage

- Accuracy: ±(3% set value+0.05mA)

Test range: LC: 0.001uA ─ 20.00mA/IR: 0.01kΩ ─ 99.99GΩ

Basic accuracy: LC: ±(0.3%+0.05uA)

Charge time upper limit: 0 ─ 999s manual

Test time: FAST: 40ms; MED : 60ms; SLOW: 120ms

Test condition: range is locked, trigger mode is EXT and the external trigger voltage displays the closing state

Limit setting: LC: 0 ─ 999.999mA/IR: 0 ─ 999.999GΩ

Sorting: Pass, Fail

Vf Rated involucra voltage: 1.0V ─500V

Charge current: 

- 0.5mA ─ Imax

- Imax = 65W/Vf

- Accuracy: ± (3% set value+0.05mA)

Charge time upper limit: 5s ─ 600s manual


Instrument Accessories

TH26003 2 terminal test fixture

TH26004D 3 terminals test clip leads



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