Tonghui TH2829AX 自动变压器测试系统 (20Hz~200kHz)

Test Pin(PIN): 20

Test Frequency: 20Hz~200kHz

Display: 800×RGB×480  7 inch TFT LCD display

LCR Function: option

Transformer test parameters: Turn Ratio, Turns, Phase, L, C, Lk, Q, ACR, DCR, Balance, Pin Short, Diode P/N

LCR Test Parameters: |Z|,Y|, C, L, X, B, R, G, D, Q, θ, DCR, Turn-Ratio, Phase, Lk

Basic Test Accuracy:

- LCRZ 0.05%

- DCR、Turn Ratio 0.1%

Signal Source Output Impedance: 10Ω、30Ω、50Ω、100Ω

Test Speed (ms/times): 13ms, 90 ms, 370 ms

AC Signal Level: 5mVrms — 2Vrms(transformer test, can be customized to 10Vrms), 5mVrms — 10Vrms(LCR function);50μArms — 100mArms

DC Bias Voltage Source: 0V — ± 10V;0mA — ± 100mA

DC Bias Current Source: 0 — ±1A option(option TH2901) / 0 — ±2A option(option TH2902)

DC Constant Current Source: 0mA – ±120mA for diode forward characteristic test

Diode Test:

- forward test voltage: 0 — 9.9999 V

- Reverse test current: 0 — 99.999 mA


- Internal: 100 sets of configuration file;

- U disk: 500 sets of configuration files, CSV format test data, GIF format images


Standard Accessories

Three core power cord

TH26016 Handler/Scanner standard 36P control cable

TH26011AS four-terminal Kelvin test cable

TH26004B two-terminal test cable

TH1901B manual transformer scanning test fixture

TH1801-001 Foot Start Switch



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