Tonghui TH2882AS-5 脉冲绕组测试仪 (500V-5000V)

Output Impulse Voltage: 500V-5000V, 100V Steps ±5% of set value± 25V

Impulse Energy (1KΩ Resistive Load): ≤ Max. 250 milli-Joules

Type of Coil: Three-phase three-wire system; Three-phase four-wire system

Inductance Range: ≥ 200μH


- Screen Mode: 320x240   dots LCD

- Waveform   Display Dots: 240x200   dots

- Display Information: Setting parameter, Standard & measuring   waveform, Measurement & comparison result

Waveform Sampling

- Sampling Rate: 40MSPS/25ns, 20MSPS/50ns, 10MSPS/100ns, 5MSPS/200ns, 2.5MSPS/400ns, 1.25MSPS/800ns, 625kSPS/1.6μs, 312kSPS/3.2μs

- Resolution: digits

- Sampling Length: Bytes

Input Impedance: 10MΩ (Resistive voltage divider)

Measuring Speed:

- 5.5 times/sec (Waveform display OFF, PASS/FAIL ON)

- 3.3 times/sec (Waveform display ON, PASS/FAIL ON)

Interface: HANDLER (Start, Stop, Pass NG, Busy, EOC, etc.), RS232C,   GPIB(optional)

Operating Temperature and Humidity: 0°C−40°C, ≤90%RH

Power Requirements: 

- Voltage: 99V - 121V AC,198V - 242V AC

- Frequency: 47.5Hz−63Hz

Power Consumption: ≤ 40VA

Dimensions (W×H×D): 395mmx155mmx445mm

Weight: Approx. 8.4 kg 


Instrument Accessories

TH2881-001 Foot Switch

TH26035 High-voltage test clip leads


TH10001 GPIB interface board

TH10102 USB interface board

TH26026 2GB USB disk

TH12021 TH2882 RS232C control software


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