Tonghui TH8601 电缆硬度计 (128 Pin)

Test Signal Source:

 - Sine Signal Source:50Hz-300kHz, Programmable Capacitance Component Test: 1Vrms; Frequency: 0.02% 1Vrms, Voltage 10%

 - Programmable DC Signal Source:5Vdc MAX: 10%

 - Programmable DC Current Source:1-20mA: 10%

 - Programmable DC High Voltage Source:1mA Max: 5V-100V:  10%±1 digit; 100Vdc-1000Vdc: 5%±1 digit

 - Programmable AC High Voltage Source:10mA :Max 50V-100Vac: 10%±1 digit; 100Vac-750Vac: 5%±1 digit

 - Channel Plate on-off scanning Signal Source:5Vdc 

Test Speed:

 - Transient Open and Short Circuit (128 points) Sample Standard:10ms; Indicates the time of sweeping 64 NET O/S at a time

 - Basic Value of Test Speed:100ms; Indicates the measurement time of single passive component or the total measurement time of one cable

Capacitance Measurement:

 - Range: 0.1pF-300pF (sample 10pFmin) 10%±3 digit

 - Range: 300pF-1000μF 5%±3 digit

Resistance Measurement: 10mohm-1Mohm: 5%±1 digit

Cond./Interval cond.: 10mohm-50ohm: 5%±5 digit

Open andShort Circuit: 1kohm-50kohm: 10%±1 digit

Diode Testing: 0-10V: 10%±1 digit

Insulation Resistance: 1Mohm-100Mohm: 5%±5 digit;  100Mohm-1000Mohm: 10%±5 digit

DC Leakage Current: 1μA-1000μA: 5%±2 digit

AC Leakage Current: 0.01mA-5mA: 10%±5 digit

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