Tonhe THJK070SW-ZL HMI 屏幕

Measurements: Measure AC input, DC output, BUS status, DI/DO, battery status and temperature, battery charging status
-Information inquiry including DC info, battery info, insulation info, DI info, Alarms, running log; 
-System control:switch ON/OFF charger, control charging status; System configuration and setting; 
-Battery charging management; 
-Alarms and setting ; 
-Friendly user interface, full graphic display
Battery management feature: 
-Battery charging current limit
-Automatic float and boost charge management
-Manual, auto and periodic boost charge
-Maximum boost charge protection
-Temperature Compensation
-Discharge and low voltage protection
Remote monitoring:
-Communication protocol
-IP address
-Subnet mask
-local address
-baud rate
-remote communication
-SNTP server address
-PC end program
User interface: 7″ color pixels LCD, touch screen, Full graphic display, shows system structure and major measurements. User-defined startup logo, size 800*480,16bit, “welcome.bmp”
Connection and port: 
-USB1: Master
-USB2: Slave, used for debug
-Power: 24V DC +-20%
-COM: 1XRS232 1XRS485
-Power input: 24VDC
Dimension (H/W/D): 226.5/163/36 mm, installation size 215±0.5/152±0.5
Operation temperature: - 5℃~+40℃
Storage temperature: - 10℃~+60℃
Humidity: ≤90%

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