Transcom Micro-Rx 矢量信号分析仪 (10MHz-4200MHz)

  • 制造商: TRANSCOM
    Model: Micro-Rx
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Sensitivity Low, Medium and High
Frequency range 10MHz to 4.2GHz
Frequency reference Aging rate: ±1ppm
Frequency readout accuracy: ± (readout frequency x frequency reference accuracy + RBW centering + 0.5 x
horizontal resolution
Frequency span accuracy ±1%
Sweep time 1.1ms-1600s
2.69ms-1600s, zero span
Resolution bandwidth
RBW range 10Hz-5MHz, (1-2-3-5-10 Sequence)
RBW accuracy RBW≥1MHz, ±10%
RBW < 1MHz,±2%
Measuring range Display average noise level to +20dBm
Input Attenuator Range 0-30dB, 1dB Step
Maximum safe input level
Sensitivity: +30dBm (Low)
Sensitivity: 0dBm (Medium)
Sensitivity: -20dBm (High)
Reference level range
-140 dBm ~+20dBm
-190dBm ~ +70dBm (Ref level offset: ON)
Amplitude accuracy
ATT set to 0 dB, input signal: -5 to -30 dBm; detector set to Positive,Sensitivity set to
Low; RBW auto-coupled ,all other settingsauto-coupled, 23±5℃
Half hour warm-up required.
RBW Swiching uncertainty ±0.3dB
Input Attenuator uncertainty ±0.6dB
Accuracy of reference level Reference level: ≥-60dBm, ±0.8dB
Display average noise level (DANL) @1GHz
Input Terminated,Detector set to Positive,Trace Average set to 1000,Span set to
50kHz,Ref set to -100dBm,all other settings auto-coupled, 23±5℃ .
Normalized to 1 Hz RBW
Sensitivity: Low -131dBm/Hz (typically -133dBm/Hz)
Sensitivity: Medium -151dBm/Hz (typically -153dBm/Hz)
Sensitivity: High -168dBm/Hz (typically -169dBm/Hz)
Residual response -75dBm
Input-related response
10M~1.285G, 3.22G ~3.7G <-70dBc
1.625G~1.775G <-55dBc
1.285G~1.625G, 1.775G~2.35G,
2.71G~3.22G <-42dBc
3.7G~4.2G <-35dBc
2.35G~2.71G <-25dBc
Second harmonic distortion 1.6GHz -70dBc
Third-order intercept (TOI) -10dBm tones, 1MHz apart, Sensitivityset to low,Ref set to -10 dBm
P1dB +5dBm (nominal)
Phase noise @1GHz -96dBc/Hz, @10kHz (typically -98dBc/Hz)
-118dBc/Hz, @1MHz (typically -120dBc/Hz)
Maximum storage depth 1Gbit
Data format I/Q two-way, 16bit


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