Transcom RH36 无线电监督和分析仪 (30MHz ~ 3.6GHz)

Digital scan
Full span spectrum scan
Waterfall diagram: waterfall Three-dimensional display of spectrum over frequency, time and color-coded signal level
Scan speed: 3GHz/s; resolution: 12.5kHz/25kHz
Spectrum display: average, max. hold, min. hold, expand/reduce
Real-time measurement: center frequency, bandwidth, power level
IF Scan
Spectrum display: 4096 (FFT points)
Spectrum display: average, max. hold, min. hold, expand, reduce; Waterfall diagram
IF Demodulation
AM/FM demodulation: bandwidth 3.2kHz to 300kHz(11,optional)
Wideband sapling rates:3.2kHz to 36MHz (optional)
Storage volume:4TB/8TB(optional), Record speed:300MB/s
Data file access
Other functions
Replay: center frequency 70MHz/76.8MHz,bandwidth 20MHz/36MHz
Search function: position search and time search
File Management

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