Trek 950 型喷嘴离子发生器

Output Voltage: 3.0 kV AC
Air Purge - operating pressure: 0.05 to 0.6MPa
Gauge Pressure (when connecting Nozzle Ionizer and optional nozzle)
-S (standard)       0.05 to 0.60MPa
-TT(Teflon tube)  0.05 to 0.50MPa
-100B ~ 300B      0.05 to 0.60MPa
-100BL ~ 200BL  0.05 to 0.60MPa 
-120PSP              0.05 to 0.50MPa
-C100 ~ C500      0.05 to 0.30MPa
-ST(Silicon tube)  0.05 to 0.30MPa
-60S                     0.05 to 0.60MPa
-F                         0.05 to 0.60MPa
Power Supply Voltage: 24 VDC ±5% (2.4VA)
Dimensions (mm): 86.5 L x 18 W x 50 H (Housing Only)
Weight: Approx. 80g (Housing Only)
Instruction Manual
Signal to Power Supply Cable
Optional Accessories
P/N 950-C100 100mm Carrier Nozzle
P/N 950-C200 200mm Carrier Nozzle
P/N 950-C300 300mm Carrier Nozzle
P/N 950-C400 400mm Carrier Nozzle
P/N 950-C500 500mm Carrier Nozzle
P/N 950-60S Shower Nozzle
P/N 950-100B 100mm Bar Nozzle
P/N 950-200B 200mm Bar Nozzle
P/N 950-300B 300mm Bar Nozzle
P/N 950-F Flat Nozzle
P/N 950-TT Teflon Carrier Tube Nozzle
P/N 950-ST Silicon Carrier Tube Nozzle
AC Adapters Kits
P/N 950-24V-1 AC Adapter Kit 
(includes power supply, signal cable and ground wire)
P/N 950-24V-2 AC Adapter Kit
(includes power supply)
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