TREK 344 数字电压表/ 便携式/ 直流/ 静电

 Measurement Range: 0 to ±2 kV DC or peak AC.

Accuracy: ±0.05% of full scale.
Speed of Response: Less than 3 ms for a 1 kV step
Dimensions: 64 mm H x 220 mm W x 270 mm D
Weight: 2 kg 



Probe Chart

Option Probe
Standard Resolution
Model 6000B-7C (end-viewing, round body)
Model 6000B-8 (side-viewing, round body)
Model 6000B-15C (end-viewing, square body)
Model 6000B-16 (side-viewing, square body)
High Resolution
Model 6000B-5C (end-viewing, round body)
Model 6000B-6 (side-viewing, round body)
Model 6000B-13C (end-viewing, square body)
Model 6000B-14 (side-viewing, square body)
Model 555P-4 (end-viewing, square body)
Model 555P-1 (side-viewing, square body)
High Temperature (up to 100  C)
Model 6300-7 (end-viewing, square body)
Model 6300-8 (side-viewing, square body)
Option Accessories
611RA 19-inch Rack Adapter (2 instrument capacity)
6003B Probe Line Driver (required when a very long probe extension cable is used)
6004B-EC Probe Extension Cable (from 344 to line driver)
6005B-EC Probe Extension Cable (from 344 to probe)

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