TSI DustTrak II 8530 气溶胶监测仪

    • DustTrak ™ II 8530 is a laser scattering, data storage, benchtop, and battery operated optical meter. Real-time dust concentration readings. It uses a protected airflow system that separates dust from the optical chamber, keeping the optical system clean, improving reliability and requiring less maintenance.
    • It is suitable for measuring in clean offices as well as harsh industrial environments, construction sites, environments and other outdoor measuring applications. DustTrak II measures air particle pollution such as dust, smoke, and mist.
    Features and benefits
    • Measure the dust concentration corresponding to particle size PM1, PM2.5, respirable dust, or PM10
    • STEL alarm setting
    • Automatic zero (with optional zero module) minimizes the effect of zero drift.
    • Perform mass analysis on sample suction lines for comparative calibration
    • Functions to store data manually and program automatically
    • Dust concentration scale: 0.001 to 400 mg / m3
    • An optional outdoor housing and anti-theft cover
    • Cloud data management system for efficient remote monitoring
    • The heater for the sample sugar in, reducing the effect of moisture
    • Desktop machine
    • Survey on technology sanitation / residential area
    • Investigate the air quality in the room
    • Track the location of the dust source
    • Technology management assessment
    • Remote monitoring
    • Track your progress
    • Monitor emissions
    • Air particle studies
    Accessories included
    •Rechargeable batteries
    •USB cable
    • 37 mm cassette and filter net
    • 10-mm nylon
    • Connection pipe
    • HEPA filter
    • Filter removal tool
    • Calibration certificate
    User manual


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