TSURUGA 8505 电机电压绝缘试验器 (5kV, 9990MΩ)

Model & Output    8505: RS-232C and USB

Measurement voltage    AC 0.2~5.00kV

Voltage setting    Digital (setting resolution: 0.01kV)

Waveform, Frequency    Sine wave, 50/60Hz

Measurement current    From 0.01mA to 20.00mA

Setting time    0.1 to 99.9s, 100 to 999s(with timer OFF function)

Measuring Voltage    DC25V, 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, and 1000V, 6 ranges

Measurement range    0.001 to 9990M-ohm

Setting time    0.2 to 99.9 s (with timer OFF function)

Mask time    0.1 to 99.9s (Mask time < Setting time)

Interface    Remote I/O, RS-232C, USB

Power supply    90 to 250V AC, 50/60HZ

Weight    Approx. 10 kg

Dimensions    310 (W) x 150 (H) x 380 (D) mm

Accessories    2m High-voltage cable(1), 3m Earth wire(1), 2.5m Power cord(1),

Remote I/O plug(1), Fuse(1)




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