TTI CPX400SA 直流稳压电源 (1 Channel, 0~60V, 0~20A, 420W, Isolated Analogue)

  • 制造商: TTI
    Model: CPX400SA
    来源: United Kingdom
    保障: 12 month
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- Voltage/Current/Power Levels

Voltage Range: 0V to 60V.

Current Range: 0A to 20A.

Note: Actual maxima for voltage and current are typically 1% greater than the figures given above.

Power Range: Up to 420W subject to power envelope.

- Output Performance

Ripple & Noise: Typically <3mV rms, <15mV pk-pk, (5mV rms max.) in CV mode.

Load Regulation: Voltage - <0·01% of maximum output for any load change within

the PowerFlex envelope (remote sense connected).

Current - <0·05% of maximum output for any load change within

the PowerFlex envelope.

Line Regulation: Voltage - <0·01% of maximum output for a 10% line change.

Current - <0·01% of maximum output for a 10% line change.

Transient Response: <250µs to within 50mV of setting for a 5% to 95% load change.

Temp. Coefficient: Typically <100ppm/°C

- Output Protection

Output Protection: Forward protection by Over-voltage Protection (OVP) trip.

Reverse protection by diode clamp for currents to 3A.

OVP Setting/Range: Via screwdriver adjustable preset on front panel. Range 1V to 66V

Over-temperature: Output trips off for over-temperature.

Safety Interlocks: Operations that could cause an unexpected change in voltage or

current settings are interlocked with the output switch.

- Output Connections

Output Terminals: Universal 4mm safety binding posts on 19mm (0·75”) spacing at front.

Screw terminals at rear (CPX400SA, SP & DP only).

Terminals can accept fixed shroud 4mm plugs, standard 4mm plugs, fork terminals and bare wires.

Remote Sense

Sense Selection: Voltage sensing is selected as Local or Remote by front panel switch.

Sense Terminals: Sprung loaded screw-less terminals at front.

Screw terminals at rear (CPX400SA, SP & DP only)


Display Type: Dual 4-digit meters, 10mm (0·39”) LED.

Voltage Meter

Resolution/ Accuracy: 10mV / ± 0·1% of reading ± 2 digits

Current Meter

Resolution/ Accuracy: 10mA / ± 0·3% of reading ± 20mA


The CPX400SA offers galvanically isolated analogue remote control of voltage and current

from control voltages. Voltage and current front panel settings generate non-isolated analogue

output voltages that can be used to control slave power supplies.

Input Scaling: 0 to 100% control of voltage or current from 0 to 5V or 0 to 10V


Input Accuracy: Voltage: 0.3% ±20mV. Current: 0.5% ±50mA.

Input impedance 10kW

Output Scaling: Set values of 0 to 100% of rated output voltage and current

generate 0 to 5V (not isolated)

Output Accuracy: Voltage: 0.3% ±20mV. Current: 0.5% ±50mA.

Output impedance 125W

Remote On/Off: Output On/Off can be controlled by external switch closure

(not isolated)



AC Input: 110 to 240 volts ±10% 50/60Hz. Installation Category II.

Input Power: Single - 625VA, Dual - 1250VA max.

Temperature & Environmental

Operating Range: +5ºC to +40ºC, 20% to 80% RH

Storage Range: -40ºC to + 70ºC

Environmental: Indoor use at altitudes up to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2.

Cooling: Rear discharge variable speed fan.

Safety & EMC

Safety: Complies with EN61010-1

EMC: Complies with EN61326


Size: Single - 107 x 130 (¼ rack 3U) x 398mm

Dual - 210 x 130 mm (½ rack 3U) x 377mm

(size excludes feet, knobs and terminals).

Weight: Single - 4.25kg (9.35lb), Dual - 6.3kg (13.9lb)



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