TTI EX355R 线性直流电源 (35V, 5A, 175W)

EX355R 0 to 35V; 0 to 5A (175W nominal power

Ripple & Noise: Typically <2mv rms="" 10mv="" pk-pk="" ex355r="" ex354rd="" ex354rt="" br=""> Typically <2mv rms="" 20mv="" pk-pk="" ex1810r="" ex2020r="" ex4210r="" br=""> (CV mode, 20MHz bandwidth)

Load Regulation: <0·01% of maximum output for a 90% load change

(using remote sense).

Line Regulation: <0·01% of maximum output for 10% line change.

Transient Response: <200µs to within 50mV of setting for a 5% to 95% load change.

Temp. Coefficient: Voltage: typically <100ppm c="" br=""> The EX355P-USB has similar functionality but is controlled via a USB


Display Type: Dual 4-digit meters, 14mm (0·56”) LED.

Voltage Meter

Resolution: 10mV

Accuracy: 0·3% of reading ± 3 digits

Current Meter (EX355R, EX354RD, EX354RT)

Resolution: 1mA

Accuracy: 0·5% of reading ± 3 digits

Current Meter (EX1810R, EX2020R, EX4210R)

Resolution: 10mA

Accuracy: 0·6% of reading ± 3 digits

Size: Single output models - 140x160x320 mm (WxHxD).

Dual and triple output models - 260x160x320 mm (WxHxD).

Weight: EX810R, EX355R - 3.0kg; EX2020R, EX4210R - 3.6kg

EX354RD, EX354RT - 4.3kg



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