TTI EX752M 台式电源 (75V, 2A, 300W, 2 Channel)

Electronic and mechanical specifications are as per EX354RD except as follows:
Voltage/Current Levels
EX752M 2 x (0 to >75V; 0 to >2A) (300W nominal power)
Multi-Mode Operation
Three modes of operation can be selected via a rotary switch:
Mode A: Two independent and isolated outputs (75V/2A each).
Mode B: One output of double the current capability (75V/4A).
(Unused output is disabled and its displays are blanked).
Mode C: One output of double the voltage capability (150V/2A).
(Unused output is disabled and its displays are blanked).
Display Type: 3 digit meters for voltage and current;
(4 digit on second voltmeter to maintain resolution above 100V).
Resolutions: 100mV; 10mA
Accuracy: Voltage - 0·3% of reading ± 1 digit,
Current - 0·6% of reading ± 1 digits
Output Performance
Ripple & Noise: Typically <2mv rms="" 15mv="" pk-pk="" cv="" mode="" 20mhz="" bandwidth="" br=""> Load Regulation: Modes A and B - <0·01%; Mode C - <0·1% + 2mV (90% load change)
Voltage Sensing
Voltage sensing is local only (i.e. no remote sense).
Output Protection
Output Protection: Outputs will withstand forward voltages up to 85V/170V.
Over-voltage trip operates above these levels.
Reverse protection by diode clamp for currents to 3A.
Output Terminals
High voltage touch-proof terminals



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