TTI PLH250-P 直流稳压电源(250V,360mA,RS-232 / USB)

  • 制造商: TTI
    Model: PLH250-P
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  • Price (exclude tax) 17,933,995 VND
    Price (include tax) 19,727,395 VND
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PLH250-P (0~250V,0~360mA, RS-232/USB)
The standard PL-P product offers full remote control and read-back using RS-232, USB or LAN
(LXI-C). All interfaces are at ground potential and opto-isolated from the output terminals.
Note: Remote/Local Sense, and Operational Mode (PL303QMD/T-P) are manually selectable only.
Standard 9-pin D connector. Baud rate 9,600.
Standard USB 2.0 connection (backwards compatible with USB 1.x). Operates as a virtual
COM port.
Ethernet (LAN)
Standard 10/100 base-T hardware connection. ICMP and TCP/IP Protocol for connection to
Local Area Network or direct connection to a single PC.
LXI Compliance
LAN interface is compliant with LXI-C. (LXI is the abbreviation for Lan eXtensions for
Instrumentation). For more information visit: www.tti-test.com/go/lxi
GPIB INTERFACE (Option G, factory fit only)
Option G adds a GPIB (IEEE-488) interface.
This is in addition to the RS-232, USB and LAN interfaces of the standard PL-P product. The
interface conforms with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2.
Voltage Setting
Setting Resolution: 1mV
Setting Accuracy: ± (0.05% +10mV)
Current Setting
Setting Resolution: 0.1mA (0.01mA on 500mA range)
Setting Accuracy: ± (0.3% +0.005A) to 3A, ± (0.5% +0.005A) to 6A,
± (0.3% +0.5mA) on 500mA range
Programming Speed
Command Delay: Typically <80ms this="" must="" be="" added="" to="" any="" of="" the="" figures="" below="" br=""> Voltage Up Time: Typically <45ms* to 1%
Voltage Down Time: Typically <20ms* to 1% (full load); typically <150ms* to 1% (no load)
* The up and down times vary with model, current range and voltage step size. More
information is within the operating manual which can be downloaded from our web site.
Size: Single output models - 107mm x 131mm (¼ rack 3U) x 315mm,
Dual output model - 214mm x 131mm (½ rack 3U) x 288mm
Triple output model - 321mm x 131mm (¾ rack 3U) x 288mm
(sizes exclude feet, knobs and terminals).
Weight: Single output models - 4·9kg;
Dual output model - 8.6kg; Triple output model - 12.8kg


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