TTI PSA2702 射频频谱分析仪 (2.7GHz)

Frequency Span
Frequency Range: 1 MHz to 1300 MHz (PSA1302)
1 MHz to 2700 MHz (PSA2702)
Setting Modes: Centre frequency plus Span,
or Start plus Stop frequencies
Maximum Span: 1299 MHz (PSA1302)
2699 MHz (PSA2702)
Minimum Span: 270 kHz, or Zero Span with demodulation
Set. Resolution: 1 kHz at any frequency
Setting Accuracy: Reference Frequency Accuracy for Start,
Stop & Centre (Zero-Span) frequencies
Reference Frequency Accuracy
Initial Accuracy: Better than ± 10 ppm at 20 o
Stability: Better than ± 10 ppm over 10 o
C to 30 o
Ageing: Better than ± 3 ppm per year
Phase Noise
Phase Noise: Phase noise at 100kHz offset at 500MHz
typically -90dBc/Hz
Resolution Bandwidth
RBW: Selectable 1 MHz, 280 kHz, or 15 kHz
Video Filtering: Selectable independently of RBW setting
No. of Markers: One, Two (or None)
Resolution: 0.1 kHz at all frequencies
Marker Accuracy: 1/270th of Span ± 0.1kHz plus reference
 frequency accuracy.
Readout: The frequencies at the marker points and
the frequency difference are displayed
Amplitude Range
Units: Selectable as dBm or dBµV
Display Range: 85 dB from reference level
Magnification: x2, x5 or x10
Reference Level: Selectable as -20 dBm or 0 dBm
(87 dBµV or 107 dBµV)
Amplitude Accuracy
Calibration Level
Accuracy: Better than ± 1 dB at 10dB below ref.
level @ 50MHz (20o
C ± 5o
Flatness: Better than ± 1.5 dB over the range
1 MHz to 1300 MHz (PSA1302)
1 MHz to 2700 MHz (PSA2702)
Linearity: Better than ± 1 dB over 50dB from the
reference level
Noise Floor: Better than -93 dBm average displayed
 noise floor (typically -96 dBm)
(reference level = -20 dBm, RBW = 15 kHz)
Distortion and Spurii
3rd Order Intermodulation:
< –60dBc for two signals at 10dB below reference level,
(500MHz and 502MHz)
< –60dBc at 10dB below reference level (100MHz)
1st & 2nd Image:
<– 55dBc, typically <– 60dBc
Residual Spurii:
better than 3dB above noise floor
No. of Markers: One, Two (or None)
Resolution: 0.1 dB
Readout: The level at the marker points and
difference are displayed.
Input Connector: SMA connector, 50 W
VSWR: 1.5 : 1 typical
Maximum Level: + 20 dBm, (127 dBµV); +/-50V DC



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