TTI TG1010A 可编程DDS函数发生器 (10Mhz, RS232/GPIB)

All waveforms are available up to 10MHz. However,
the purity of triangle and ramp waveforms is not specified
above the frequencies indicated in the Waveforms
section below.
Range: 0.1mHz to 10MHz
Resolution: 7 digits or 0.1mHZ
Accuracy: <±10ppm for 1 year, 18oC to
Tempco.: Typically <1ppm/o
C outside of18oC to 28oC
Distortion: <0.3% THD to 500kHz, -60dBc
to 20kHz, <-50dbc to="" 1mhz="" br=""> <-35dbc to="" 10mhz="" typically="" br=""> <-40dBc)
Spurii: Non harmonically related spurii
<-65dbc to="" 1mhz="" -65dbc="" br=""> 6dB/octave) 1MHz to 10MHz
Rise & Fall Times: <22ns
Linearity error: <0.5% to 30kHz
Positive and Negative Ramp
Linearity error: <0.5% to 30kHz
Positive and Negative Pulse
Rise & Fall Times: <22ns
Multi-Level Squarewave
Up to 16 steps available per cycle, each step selectable
for amplitude (10 bit resolution) and duration (1 to 1024 samples). Above 27kHz a 36ns edge uncertainty is introduced.
Rise & Fall Times: <22ns Arbitrary (and Complex)
A number of “complex” waveforms are preprogrammed in ROM . A further 5, user defined, waveforms
may be loaded via the digital interfaces and
stored in non-volatile RAM.
Frequency range: All waveform points can be continuously
output up to 27kHz,
beyond which they are sampled
No. of Samples: 1024 10 bit samples
Noise Wideband white noise with variable amplitude and offset.

Typical 3dB bandwidth 0.03Hz to 700kHz.
Symmetry adjustment from 1% to 99% is available for
sinewaves at all frequencies, and for triangles and
ramps at up to 100kHz. Resolution is 0.1%.
For square and pulse waveforms the range is 1% to
99% up to 30kHz and 20% to 80% above 30kHz.
Output Impedance:50 or 600 switchable
Amplitude: 5mV to 20V pk-pk open circuit
(2.5mV to 10V into 50/600).
Output can be specified as V-HiZ (open circuit value)
or V (potential difference) in pk-pk, RMS or dBm. Note
that in positive or negative Pulse modes the amplitude
range is 2.5mV to 10V pk-pk O/C.
Accuracy: ±3% ±1mV at 1kHz into
Flatness: ±0.2dB to 500kHz; ±1dB to
Pulse Aberrations: <5% + 2mV
DC Offset: ±10V from 50/600. DC offset
plus signal peak limited to ±10V.
Accuracy ±3% ±10mV
Resolution: 3 digits for both amplitude and

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