TTI TGA1242 任意波形信号发生器 (40Mhz, 2 channel, 40MS/s)

Waveform Parameters
TGA124x                 TGA1210x
Waveform Memory: 64k points/ch                1M points/ch
Waveform Length: 4 to 65,536 points           8 to 1,048,576 points
Vertical Resolution: 12 bits (4096 levels)
Sample Clock Rate: 0.1Hz to 40MHz              0.1Hz to 100MHz (1)
Clock Resolution: 4 digits                               8 digits
Clock Accuracy: <10 ppm="" for="" 1="" year="" 1="" digit="" of="" setting="" br=""> Clock Temp. Stability: Typically <1 ppm="" oc="" br=""> Waveform Storage: 256K Words
Non-volatile RAM
CF Memory Cards
(32MB to 1GB size)
Max. Waveforms: 100 500 per card
Note 1: TGA1210x generators can also use an external sample clock, DC to
Width 212mm (½ rack) 350mm
Height: 130mm (3U) 130mm (3U)
Length: 335mm 335mm
Weight: 4.1 kg 4.2kg 7.1kg 5.9kg 7.2kg 6.0kg
Power: A B ACAC
A = 230V, 115V or 100V ±14%, 50/60Hz, adjustable internally
B = 230V, 115V or 100V ±14%, 50/60/400Hz, adjustable internally
C =100V to 230V ±14%, 50/60/400Hz, universal input
Maximum VA: 40 60 75 150 100 150
Temperature: Operating Range +5°C to 40°C, 20-80% RH
Storage Range -20°C to + 60°C.
Environmental: Indoor use at altitudes to 2000m, Pollution Degree 2
Safety: Complies with EN61010-1.
EMC: Complies with EN61326.



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