TTI TGR6000 6GHz 射频信号发生器 - 支持CW (10MHz ~ 6000MHz)

Frequency Setting
Frequency Range: 10MHz to 6000MHz
Setting Resolution: 10Hz
Accuracy/Stability: See Reference Frequency section.
Phase Noise
500MHz Carrier: <-110dBc/Hz (typ) @ 20kHz offset
<-120dBc/Hz (typ) @ 100kHz offset
3GHz Carrier: <-95dBc/Hz (typ) @ 20kHz offset
<-110dBc/Hz (typ) @ 100kHz offset
6GHz Carrier: <-89dBc/Hz (typ) @ 20kHz offset
<-104dBc/Hz (typ) @ 100kHz offset
Residual FM
Residual FM: 12 Hz @ 500MHz
Equivalent peak deviation in a 300Hz to 3.4kHz bandwidth.
Switching Speed
Settling Time: <8ms to="" settle="" within="" 100hz="" or="" 0="" 1ppm="" of="" final="" frequency="" if="" greater="" br=""> FREQUENCY REFERENCE
Internal Reference
Reference Accuracy: <± 1ppm, 15ºC to 30ºC
<± 2ppm, 5ºC to 40ºC
Reference Stability: <1ppm/year
10MHz Reference In/Out
Rear panel BNC that can be disabled when not required for input or output.
Ext. Reference In: 10MHz, 50W input impedance, 2 to 5Vpp
Automatic detection and selection when external reference signal is
present and Reference IN is selected from front panel.
Front panel indicator shows when External Reference is active.
Int. Reference Out: 10MHz, 50W output impedance, >2Vpp into 50W
Signal present when Reference OUT is selected from front panel.
Level Setting
Level Range: –110dBm to +7dBm
Setting Parameters: dBm, dBµV or µV/mV
Setting Resolution: 0.1dB, 0.01uV to 1mV
Setting Accuracy: ± 2dBm
Signal Purity
Harmonically Related: <-25dbc 7dbm="" -30dbc="" levels="" 0dbm="" 30="" to="" 6000mhz="" br=""> <-25dBc@levels <=0dBm 10 to 30MHz
Sub-harmonic: <3000mhz :="" none="">3000MHz :<–40dBc (typ) @ +7dBm
Non-harmonic Spurii: <–50dBc >10kHz offset 10 to 3000MHz (Note 1)
<-44dbc>10kHz offset 3000MHz to 6000MHz (Note 2)
Note 1 - <-45dbc>10kHz offset 1900–2150MHz
Note 2 - <-39dbc>10kHz offset 3800–4300MHz.
Output Connection
Output Impedance: 50W
Output Connector: Type N
Reverse Protection: 50V DC
Output Switch: RF OUT On/Off switch with indication of ON status
Step Sweep
Step frequency and/or amplitude according to a formula over a specified number of points.
Max Points: 1000
Formula Specifies: Frequency start/stop. Amplitude start/stop.
Dwell time at each step – programmable 0.01 to 10.000sec
Sweep Run: Continuous or single. Sweep up or down
Step Spacing: Linear or logarithmic
Sweep Triggering: Manual, Ext. signal, timed (0.1 – 999.9sec) or via remote interface.
Sync Signal: (Output Stable) available during dwell time.
Programmable to be high or low
List Sweep
As for Step Sweep except that a user defined table of frequency, amplitude and dwell time values
defines the steps. The table can be created within the instrument or downloaded via the remote
Max Points: 1000
List Storage: Up to 16 Sweep Lists can be stored permanently within the instrument
Point Trigger
Each point in a sweep (step or list) can be subject to a trigger event rather than a dwell time.
Point Triggering: Manual, Ext. signal or via remote interface.
Full digital remote control facilities are available through the RS232, USB, LAN and GPIB interfaces.
9-pin D connector. Variable Baud rate can be set between 1200 and 115200 Baud maximum.
USB 2.0 connection (backwards compatible with USB 1.x). Operates as a virtual COM port.
The interface conforms with IEEE-488.1 and IEEE-488.2.
Ethernet (LAN)
Standard 10/100 base-T hardware connection. ICMP and TCP/IP Protocol for connection to Local
Area Network or direct connection to a single PC.



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