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Tunkia TM2300 Helmholtz 线圈 (One dimensional, 150 mm, 5 G)

Diameter (mm): 150

Maximum magnetization field (G):  5 G

Homogeneous area @uniformity: 

Ф30 mm@1%

Ф25 mm@0.5%

Ф20 mm@0.2%

Ф16 mm@0.1%

Maximum current ( A ): ± 5

Power ( kW ): 0.15


1. Summary

The TM2300 / TM2330 is a series of Helmholtz coils. The generated magnetic field has good linearity with the current, and the standard DC magnetic field can be generated with the precise excitation current source.

2. Applications

• Calibration of magnetic sensors

• Calibration of magnetometers

• Electromagnetic interference simulation experiments

• Magnetic field influence experiments


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