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Tunkia TM2400 电磁阀 (1000 mm, 750 G)

Diameter (mm): 1000

Inner hole diameter ( mm ): 100

Maximum magnetization field (G): 750 G

Homogeneous area @uniformity

Ф500 mm@5%

Ф240 mm@1%

Ф160 mm@0.5%

Ф80 mm@0.1%

Max. current ( A ): ± 25

Power ( kW ): 1.2


1. Summary

The TM2400 is a series of solenoids, which can be used as a magnetic field generator to match with a precision excitation current source to generate a DC standard magnetic field.

2. Applications

• Open-circuit magnetic sample detection

• Calibration of a magnetic sensor

• Traceability calibration of the magnetometer

• Electromagnetic interference simulation experim


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