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Tunkia TS7750 电磁阀 (Fluxgate, 55 mm, 600 mm)

Type: Fluxgate solenoid

Diameter of inner hole Ф: 55 mm

Length of inner hole L: 600 mm

Turns number of Coil: About 2270 T

Imax: DC, ± 20 A

Coil constant KH: About 3780 1/m

Coil constant KB:  About 4.75 mT/A

Impedance: About 1.8 Ω

Dimension (L × W × H, mm): 650 × 230 × 230

Weight: About 50 kg

Working temperature: 0°C~45°C


1. Summary

TS7750 Solenoid has a good linear relationship between the magnetic field and the current. It ismainly used as an excitation device for open-circuit magnetic specimen such as strips, rods, andflakes to test their magnetic properties. The types of TS7750 Solenoid include singlesolenoid,double solenoid, and fluxgate solenoid. The fluxgate solenoid can realizeautomaticmeasurement. It is also suitable for generating standard magnetic fields, calibratingaxial hall

probes,magnetizing or demagnetizing magnetic materials, and magnetic shielding, etc.


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