Uby Tech UP-6177C Double Speed Lab Banbury Internal Rubber Mixer Mach (0.2-5L)

Capacity: 0.2-5L

Temp. Range: Room temp. ~300℃

Temp. Controller: LED display, key setting input, digital display output (PLC programmable color touch screen, human-machine interface operating system, all parameters can be set and controlled at will, dynamic display of mixing process)

Refueling mode: Motor turning and dumping

Flip angle: 110°

Rotor speed ratio: 1:1.27

Rotor speed: 0-50 RPM frequency converter speed regulation (double speed regulation)

Power: 5.5KW

Overturned motor: 1.1KW

Power supply: 3-phase,AC380V,20A (or customize)

Weight: About 580kg



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