Uby Tech UP-6180E Large Tonnage Universal Testing Machine (300KN, 4%-100%FS)

Maximum test force: 300KN;

The minimum resolution of the test force: 0.01N;

Accurate measurement range: 4%-100%FS

Accuracy of test force: better than ± 1%

Displacement resolution: 0.01mm;

Displacement measurement accuracy: 0.01

Stretch travel: 600mm

Compression stroke: 600mm

Piston stroke: 150min  

Displacement speed control accuracy: ± 1% (common)

Tester level: 1 (ordinary) /0.5 level

Round specimen jaws hold the diameter: Φ6-Φ26mm

Flat specimen jaws hold the thickness: 0-15mm

Tester size: 450*660*2520mm

Maximum flat specimen clamping width: φ160mm

Pressure plate size : φ160mm

Bending test Maximum distance between two points: 450mm

Bending roll width: 120mm

Bend rolling diameter: Φ30mm

Maximum piston movement speed: 50mm/min

Mainframe dimensions :720 × 580 × 1950 mm

Gauge cabinet size: 1000×700×1400mm

Power supply: 220V, 50Hz

Tester weight: 2100kg



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