Uby Tech IPX7/8 浸水试验 (IPX8 Pressure Immersion)

Used to test the IPX8 waterproof level of the product 


External size: About 685*765*1700mm

Inner size: ¢500*1200mm

Tank wall thickness: 3mm

Tank material: stainless steel

Flange thickness: 20mm

Flange material: stainless steel 

Equipment weight: About 120KG

Can lid opening method: Cylinder lift 

Pressure control method: Automatic adjustment

Pressure sensor display accuracy: 0.001Mpa

Sensor error range in the eyes: ±0.002Mpa

Test depth range: 0-30M

Pressure adjustment range: 0.00—0.3Mpa

Exhaust pressure of safety valve: 0.35Mpa

Maximum ultimate pressure: 0.4Mpa

Test time setting range: 0-999min

Protective device: Pressure safety valve protection, leakage switch protection

Air intake adjustment method: Manually adjust the pressure regulator

Voltage: 220V,50Hz

Power: 100W



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