UNI-T UTG9504T 函数/任意波形发生器 (500MHz, 2.5GSa/s, 64Mpts, 4-Channel)

Channel: CH1 & CH2 (Main) => Max. frequency: 500MHz 

Channel: CH3 & CH4 (Slave) => Max. frequency: 200MHz 

Sampling rate: 2,5GSa / s (CH1 & CH2)

               625MSa/s (CH3 & CH4)

Vertical resolution: 14bits (CH1 & CH2)

                     16bits (CH3 & CH4)

Arbitrary wave length: 8pts-64Mpts (CH1 & CH2)

                       8kpts (CH3 & CH4)

Working mode: Continue, modulation, frequency sweep, burst, cymometer, digital protocol

Continue: Sine, square, ramp, pulse, harmonic, noise, PRBS, DC, arbitrary waveform

Modulation types: AM, PM, FM, DSBAM, ASK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, FSK, 3FSK, 4FSK, QAM, OSK, PWM, SUM

Frequency sweep types: Linear, logarithmic, list, stepping

Burst types: N cycle, gating, infinite

Digit types: SPI, I2C, UART

Hardware cymometer: 100mHz-800MHz, DC/AC coupling

Frequency Characteristics

- CH1 & CH2

Sine wave: 1μHz-500MHz

Square wave: 1μHz-160MHz

Pulse wave: 1μHz-160MHz

Ramp wave: 1μHz-30MHz

Noise: 1μHz-500MHz 

Arbitrary wave (DDS): 1μHz-100MHz

PRBS: 1μbps-120Mbps

Harmonic wave: 1μHz-250MHz
- CH3 & CH4
Sine wave: 1μHz-200MHz
Square wave: 1μHz-60MHz
Pulse wave: 1μHz-60MHz
Ramp wave: 1μHz-10MHz
Noise: 1μHz-200MHz 
Arbitrary wave (DDS): 1μHz-60MHz
PRBS: 1μbps-60Mbps
Harmonic wave: 1μHz-100MHz
Frequency resolution: 1μHz
Rise/fall time: 1MHz, 1 Vpp, 50Ω load
               <2ns (CH1 & CH2), <5ns (CH3 & CH4)
Output amplitude (High Z): ≤40MHz - ≤600MHz (CH1 & CH2)
                           ≤20MHz - ≤200MHz (CH3 & CH4)
Amplitude accuracy: (1kHz sine wave with 0V offset, >10mVpp)
                    ± (1% of set amplitude+1mVpp)
DC offset ranges: DC output range: peak value AC+DC
                  -5Vpp~5Vpp(50Ω); -10Vpp~10Vpp(High Z)
DC offset accuracy: ±1% of offset set value ± 0.5% of amplitude set value ±2mV
Standard configuration: USB Host, USB Device, LAN
Output resistance: 50Ω
Power: 100~240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz; 100~120Vrms (±10%), 400 Hz
Display: 10.1 inch TFT capacitive touchscreen with 1280x800 resolution
Product size(W×H×D): 370mmx115mmx185mm
Product net weight:4.04kg

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