Valhalla Scientific 2555A Current Calibrator

Input Impedance: 100kΩ

Compliance Voltage: 

7VDC or 7Vac (RMS) to 60A

4VDC or 4Vac (RMS) to 100A

Input/Output Ratio: 2.00000V input provides full-scale output

(1.0000V input produces 100.00A output)

Stability: +0.0005%-15min. (±0.005% for 24Hr)

Load Regulation: Output current level changes less than ±0.002%

Maximum Input: 3VDC or 2Vac (RMS)

Maximum Isolation Voltage: ±200VDC or peak AC

Response Time: 1msec to ±0.01% of final value following input amplitude or frequency change

Input CMR: 60dB @ DC linearity decreasing to 40dB @ max frequency

Temperature Coefficient: ±0.001% of output ±0.002% of rng/

double for AC

Power Requirements: 115VAC/230VAC ±10% at 50 to 60Hz

Operating Temp. Range: 0°C~50°C

Storage Temp. Range: -30°C~70°C

Humidity: 70% RH max @ 40°C (non-condensing)

Size: 266mm/10.5”Lx432mm/17”Wx584mm/23”D

Weight: 100lbs/45kg net


-100Amp Cable Set (Jaws Terminated)

-Ten Turn Coil Loop (C.T. Type)

-100Amp Cable Set (Spade Lugs)

-Rack Mount Adaptor




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