Vertex V-3D 指示器量块

– VERTEX 3D V-3D probe is used to accurately determine the origin along all 3 XYZ axes on CNC milling machines.

– Black divider is used to measure deviation in X and Y axis.

– The red divider is used to measure the Z-axis deviation.

The accuracy of the 3D probe is 0.01mm.

– VERTEX V-3D 3D probe is IP67 rated for water and dust resistance. That is, completely prevent dust from entering and prevent water from entering when immersed at a depth of less than 1m.

Accurate and easy measurement of workpiece edges and fixtures.

– 3D probe helps to set the origin of the coordinates for the CNC machining program.

– 3D probe can measure clamped workpiece.

– Take care not to run beyond the allowable size range to avoid breaking the probe part.

- Easy to replace probes of different lengths.

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