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VICTOR 4080 LCR 测试仪 (0-20mF, 0-2000H, 0-20MΩ, 0.3%)

Testing frequency: 100Hz, 120Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz, 40KHz, 100KHz

Basic accuracy: 0.3%  

Electrolytic capacitor mode:  

DCR mode: ×

Electric level: 0.6Vrms  

Screen: 2.8 inches TET LCD

Digits display: Main parameter: 5 digits; auxiliary parameter: 5 digits

Measuring parameters  

Main parameter: L/C/R/Z

Auxiliary parameter: X/D/Q/ESR  

Measuring Range (L): 0-2000H

Measuring Range (C): 0-20mF

Measuring Range (R): 0-20MΩ

Measuring speed: 1 time/s (slow), 2 times/s (moderate), 4 times/s (fast)

Calibration function: Open circuit calibration, short circuit calibration

Filtering function: Limit scope 1%~50% can be set; 1%, 5%, 10%, 20% are the fix points

errors measurement: is use for comparing the percent errors between components and nominal value, meanwhile display

others: Backlight luminance can be adjustable; USB device and auto power off can be set

Standard Accessories: Mini-USB cable; power adapter; short-circuit plate; plug made of red and black rubber; Lithium battery with large capacity


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