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VICTOR 9602C 绝缘电阻测试仪 (5kV)

Function: Insulation resistance measurement (IR); polarization index measurement (PI); Dielectric absorption ratio (DAR); Step test (STEP); Ramp test(RAMP); Dielectric discharge index(DD); Voltage test(V); Capacity test(uF)

Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium battery 6.2Ah 14.8V

Output Voltage Gear: 50V, 250V, 500V, 1kV, 2.5kV, 5kV, 10kV, 15kV

Custom Setting Voltage:  40V~15kV

Output Voltage Accuracy: (5%~10%)±10V

Insulation Resistance Test Range: 0.005MΩ~30.0TΩ

Output Short Circuit Current: ≥7mA

Polarization Index Test: Yes

Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test: Yes

Step Mode (STEP): Yes

Ramp mode(RAMP): Yes

Dielectric discharge index(DD): Yes

Voltage Test

Range: DC:0V~800V;Accuracy: ±5%rdg±3V

Range: AC: 0V~700V; Accuracy: ±5%rdg±3V

Capacitance Test: Range:10nF~200uF;Accuracy: ±10%rdg±10nF

Real Time Current Display: Display test current value, current display range: 0.001nA~7.5mA

Real Time Voltage Display: Real time monitoring the voltage of the tested terminal,In the non-test state, when the voltage is larger than 36V, the test is prohibited to protect the safety of the instrument and the operator.

Test Timer: Automatic record test time, time range: 0s~9999s

Test Time: After selecting the DAR, PI, DD test options, the test will be stopped immediately after the test result is obtained; in the custom test mode, the test duration can be set by user; in the normal test mode, the test time is not limited, and the operator can manually stop the test.

Custom Setting Time: 10s~3600s

Store Function: Automatically store the test data, which can reply the test record in tester

USB Communication: Yes, the test record can upload to the PC through USB cable

Bluetooth Communication: Yes, can be connected to Android phones or other devices with Bluetooth communication function.

Battery Power Display: With battery power display, when battery voltage low will remind to charge in time

Automatic Shutdown: After 15 minutes start up will shut down automatically without any operation

Tester Dimension: 280mm×260mm×160mm

Tester Weight: Host: 4326g (include the battery); Total weight: 6.96kg (Accessories)

Protection Level: Close the case IP65, open the case IP40

Working Environment: -20℃~50℃;80%rh

Store Environment: -25℃~65℃;80%rh

Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ(1000v)(between the test circuit and shell)

Withstand Voltage: AC 3kV 50Hz 1min(between the test circuit and shell)

Suitable Safety Standard: IEC61010-1,IEC61326-1


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