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VICTOR VC63 振动计 (0~1999um)

Vibration measurement range

Displacement: 0~1999um (peak to peak)

Velocity: 0~199.9mm/s (rms)

Acceleration: 0~199.9m/s2

Frequency range

Displacement: 10~200Hz

Velocity: 10~500Hz

Acceleration: 10~1000Hz

Linearity and Accuracy

Displacement: 0~20um: ±10% >20um: ±5%

Velocity: 0~2.0mm/s: ±10% >2.0mm/s: ±5%

Acceleration: 0~2.0 m/s2: ±10% >2.0 m/s2: ±5%

Display: 3 1/2 digit LCD

Low voltage indication: If battery voltage <5.5V, a battery mark appears on the LCD, then replace the battery with new one.

Hold function: the displayed vibration value is hold and kept for one minute after the MEAS button is released

Power: 6F22 batter (9V)

Battery life: approx. 25h under continuous use

Ambient conditions operation

Temperature: 0~40℃

Humidity: ≤80%

Atmosphere pressure: 75~106kpa

Dimension: 185(H)× 68(W) ×30(D) mm

Weight: 230g (including battery)



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