VIỆT NAM PTVL2014 自由落体场地和斜面场地的调查

Free fall KS and tilt motor vehicle

1- Survey the movement of free fall, determine the acceleration of free fall

2- The movement of the object on the inclined plane. Determine the friction coefficient according to the dynamic method

(photoelectric port and digital chronograph)

Length measuring range: 0 - 800mm

Time measuring range: measuring the free falling time of the object over the distances from 50mm to 800mm, with an error of ≤ 2.5%.

Test shelf: 1.2mm thick aluminum alloy, anodized surface, not ED coating, H-shaped cross-section, size (31x59x1000) mm, with size 850mm, minimum division 1mm, a drill head hole Ф8mm, one head for mounting brackets Ф10x80mm.

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