VIỆT NAM PTVL2017 机械振荡装置

Photovoltaic port: Infrared photoelectric gate, rolled by steel pillar, 10mm diameter, 110mm long, with signal wire 1m long.

Standing post: Dimensions (25x35x600) mm, made of aluminum, with a groove, mounted size 600mm, with stainless steel pins 10mm diameter.

Aluminum bar: Dimensions (25x 2x 390) mm, with screw.

Aluminum tube: Diameter 8mm, length 280mm, two ends with 4mm hole ball bearings

Pulley: Diameter 50mm.

Springs: Including 2 pieces of nickel-plated steel wire, good elasticity:

Twisted diameter 20mm, 80mm long, wire diameter 0.75mm

Twisted diameter 20mm, length 80mm, wire diameter 1mm

Weight: Including 5 metal x 50g balls, with 4 mm borehole assembled by M4 screw 80mm long, with 1.5mm hole to hook into the spring, with carrying case.

Iron ball: Including 3 tablets with hook, diameter 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, with a box.

Suspension cord: Cord is not stretched, 2000mm long

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