VIỆT NAM PTVL2038 磁力工具和电磁感应试验套件

Wooden box size (400x220x120) mm with drawer for components. The following components are fitted on the box:

- 02 amperometers with center 0 in the middle have measuring limit 2A, with divisions of at least 0.1A.

- The balance lever is made of aluminum with a ruler, with a vertical post that can be attached to the box.

- Electromagnet made of non-galvanized iron, size (100x85) mm copper wire 0.8mm diameter, 800 turns on young iron core with size (60x60x40) mm, with 2 LEDs and The arrow indicates the direction of the magnetic field.

- Set of 2 100W - 2A rotating resistors.

- Set of 3 200-round wire frames, diameter of 0.3mm with electric plug mechanism at the end of the balance lever: size (100x80) mm; (100x40) mm; (100x20) mm with spindle, scale table.

- Set of 2 switches to reverse the current.

- Pulley set, crank handle and zipper.

- Manometer 0.5N, smallest division 0.01N.

- Straight magnet size about (10x20x180) mm, with polar determination.

- Set of 2 young iron cores, split groove suitable for the magnetic cheek of the electromagnet, with locking screw.

- Set of 2 aluminum pendants of equivalent mass, 250mm long with a bracket, 1 with a solid conductor attached, and 1 with a multi-groove guide.

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