Vitrox V310i Optimus 3D 焊接验收机

Manufacturer: Vitrox

Model: V310i

Warranty: 12 months

V310i : Advanced 3D Paste Inspection (API)

V310i Advanced 3D Paste Inspection System (API) solution. 95% part similarity between 3D AOI and 3D API able to share same wear and tear spare part with 3D AOI.

PCB Dimension:

Maximum PCB Size (L x W): 510x510mm (20”x20”)

Minimum PCB Size (L x W): 50x50mm (2”x2”)

PCB Thickness: 0.5mm-4mm (0.02”-0.16”)

Maximum PCB Weight: 3kg (6.6lb)


Top Side of PCB: 50mm (2”)

Bottom Side of PCB: 70mm (2.76”)

Panel Edge: 3.5mm (0.14”)

Maximum PCB Warpage Compensation: ±5mm (0.2")

PCB Transport Height: 856mm - 965mm (33.7”x38”) 


Width: 1060mm (3.5ft)

Depth: 1352mm (4.4 ft)

Height: 2028mm (6.7ft)

Weight: ~830 kgs

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