Wavecontrol MonitEM 电,电磁监控(太阳池,AC电源

Applications: Measurement of EMF radiation in: industry, telecommunications, powerline, defense, medical
Sensor type: Isotropic, RMS ; Simultaneous 3-axis measurement
Probe system: Interchangeable, 10 Hz to 18 GHz
Sampling frequency: 500 ms
Averaging: 6-minute sliding window
Data retention period:
-Online: 30, 60 minutes
-Offline: configurable from 1 second to 60 minutes
Memory: Eeprom + MicroSD
Wireless communications: GPRS modem; GPRS/3G (modem online, sim not include) ; Modem radiation rejection
Programmable alarms: Field level, low battery, hibernation, opening, calibration, communication error, probe error, temperature
Operating log: Temperature, communications, power supply, operating modes, etc.
Power supply:  Solar Panel, Battery, AC supply
Battery life: > 10 days (without sun)
Watchdog: Smart power control unit
Dimensions: 253 mm x 292 mm x 385 mm
Weight: 3.6 kg (including solar panel)
Environmental protection: IP66 / Installation kits
Installation kits: Wall, mast or tripod
GPS: High-sensitivity WGS84 device (built-in)

Control centre
Platform: On a server with Internet access
Administration interface: Web browser
Public interface: Web browser
Alarms: Receives and manages alarms from installed MonitEM units
Customization: Language, client’s logo, general information
Reports: Automatic PDF, CSV reports sent by e-mail
Compatibility: Management of data from MonitEM units and portable SMP device



Option: probe WP50, WPF3,WPF3-HP,WPT, WP-WiFi,WPF6,WPF6-HP, WPF8, WPF8-HP, WPF18, WPF18-HP, WPF40, WPH60, WPH1000 

WMTO0008    AC UPS Kit: add a battery & power control to MonitEM-AC
WMTO0005    MonitEM – On/Off button: external button (On/Off switch)
WMTO0006    MonitEM – Ext USB: external USB connector        
WMTA0001    Mast: non-reflective mast for MonitEM installation
WMTA0003    Tripod: non-reflective wooden tripod for MonitEM
WMTA0004    Case: robust IP65 carrying case for MonitEM

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