Weller WX 2020 焊接站 (T0053421699N, 2 频道)

WX 2020 Set Power unit with 2 channels

This station is ESD safe.
Dimensions L x W x H: 170 x 151 x 130 mm (6,69 x 5,94 x 5,12 inch)
Weight: approx. 3,2 kg
Channels: 2
Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz
Power consumption: 200 W (255 W)
Protection class: I
Temperature range: Adjustable from 50°C - 550°C (150°F - 999°C)
Adjustable temperature range varies among tools
Temperature accuracy: ± 9°C (± 17°F)
Temperature stability: ± 2°C (± 4°F)
Equipotential bonding: Via 3,5 mm pawl socket on back of device
Material touch panel: Made of antistatic coated material
Dimensions touch panel: 74 x 38 mm
Resolution: 255 x 127 (128) dots
Display backlighting: 4 LEDs
Equipotentional bonding:

The 3,5 mm switch offers four different options:
a) Hard grounded without plug (original delivery)
b) Equipotential bonding: with plug, compensation line on center contact
c) Potential free: with plug
d) Soft grounded: with plug and soldered resistor grounded via selected resistor

USB interface: USB interface in front of firmware updates, parameterization and monitoring
USB interface supports all standard USB flash drive types

WXP 120 Set Fast Response Heating Technology

Voltage (heater): 24 V
Heating output: 120 W
Heat-up time: approx. 14 s 50°C - 380°C (120°F - 660°F)
Temperature range: 100°C - 450°C (212°F - 850°F)
Tip type: XT series
Connectable to: Weller WX Stations

Part number: T0053421699

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