Wuhan HT-1202 无纺布高压静电发电系统 (120kV)

Rated voltage: 120kV

Rated current: 2mA

Rated power: 240W

Whole machine quality: 10kg

Whole machine volume: 565*390*190mm3

Double the height of the barrel: 535mm

Output voltage accuracy: ±(1.0% reading ±2 words)

Accuracy of output current: ±(1.0% reading ±2 words)

Ripple coefficient: ≤0.5%

Way to work: Intermittent operation, rated load 30 minutes

Overload capacity:

- The no-load voltage can exceed the rated voltage by 10% for 10 minutes

- The maximum charging current is 1.25 times the rated current

- Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

Work environment

- Temperature: -10-40℃

- Relative humidity: no more than 85% at room temperature of 25℃ (no condensation)

- Altitude: below 1500 meters



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