Wuhan HT_TC Cable Fault Detector (16 Km)

Cable Fault Teater (Flash meter)

Environmental temperature: -10℃~40℃

Measurement error: Gross error ±1%

Test distance: Up to 16km

Shortest test distance (blind area): 1~3m

Sampling rate: 25MHz

Power supply and power consumption: AC or DC power supply in the machine; AC 220V±10%, power consumption is not more than 10W; DC 6V/7AH, power

consumption is not more than 6W

In-machine transmit pulse width and amplitude: 0.2μs,100~120V;2μs,150~160V

Work model Low voltage pulse, DC high voltage flash and impact high pressure flash

display resolution: V/50 meters, V is the propagation speed m/μs

Display method: 320×240 LCD liquid crystal with backlight display

Weight: 6kg

Dimensions: 500×300×195mm3

Path meter

Tracing positioning distance: Local cable is 3km, other cables can reach 20km

Positioning impedance range: 0~5MΩ

positioning accuracy: < ±10cm

Buried depth detection: <3m


Path meter, fixed point meter: 470 × 290 × 255mm3

Accessory box: 630 × 300 × 130mm3


Path meter, point meter: 9kg

Accessory box: 8kg



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