Wuhan HT2670F 高压绝缘电阻测试仪

- Insulation resistance test
+ Rated voltage 100V: 0.1MΩ~1GΩ; DC100V+20%,-0% ; load: 100KΩ; 1mA~1.2 mA 
+ Rated voltage 250V: 0.25MΩ~2.5GΩ; DC250V+20%,-0%; load: 250kΩ; 1mA~1.2 mA 
+ Rated voltage 500V: 5MΩ~5.0GΩ; DC500V+20%,-0%; load: 500kΩ: 1mA~1.2 mA 
+ Rated voltage 1000V: 2MΩ~10.0GΩ; DC1000V+20%,-0%; load: 1MΩ; 1mA~1.2 mA
Short circuit: <2.0mA
Accuracy: 100KΩ~1000MΩ; ±(3%+5) 100MΩ~10GΩ; ±(5%+5)
Note: At any rated measurement voltage, if the measured voltage<10MΩ, the measurement time should be less than 10 seconds.
- Voltage test
+ DC voltage: ±30~±600V; 1V; ±(2%+5) 
+ AC voltage: 30~600V(50/60Hz); 1V; < 100V:±(2%+8); ≥ 100V:±(2%+5)
- Display: LCD, the maximum reading is 9999
- Low battery warning.: Three cell
- Overrun indication: “OL” symbol appear on the insulation resistance range.
- Range function: Automatic
- Unit display: With functions, quantity of electricity display in symbol
- Service conditions: 0℃~40℃/ relative humidity< 85%
- Storage conditions: -20℃~60℃/ relative humidity< 90%
- Dimension: 202×155×94mm3
- Weight: 2kg (including the battery)

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