Wuhan HTDN-3I 三相能量表校准器

- Accuracy of voltage, current, active power and active electric energy (built-in current transformer): 0.05.
- Accuracy of reactive power and reactive electric energy: 0.1.
- Voltage input: 30V~560V, 60V, 120V, 240V, 480V four gears, automatic gear shift.
- Current input: 
  Built-in current transformer: 0.02~6A, automatic gear shift.
  Clamp meter: 5A, 10A, 20A, 100A, 200A, 500A, 1000A and 2000A for selection.
  Flexible coil (lokovski coil): 5000A, 10000A.
- Fundamental Error
- Load Current/ Power Factor/ Margin of Fundamental Error (%)
+ 0.05Ib/ 1.0/ ±0.1
+ 0.01Ib~Imax/ 1.0/ ±0.05
+ 0.1Ib/ 0.5(L);0.8(C)/ ±0.15
+ 0.2Ib/ 0.5(L);0.8(C)/ ±0.075
+ 0.5Ib~ Imax/ 0.5(L);0.8(C)/ ±0.05
- Phase measurement range: 0.000°~360°(or 0.000°~±180°), Resolution: 0.001°. Accuracy: ±0.05°(current input>10%Ib)
- Frequency measurement: resolution: 0.001Hz, Accuracy: ±0.01Hz.
- Input electric energy pulse: TTL level, max. frequency ≤2MHz.
- Output electric energy pulse: rated range f=60 KHz as automatic constant. It can be set between 1~250000 as hand constant.
- Temperature coefficient: 5ppm.
- Low voltage input impedance: >750KΩ;
- Current input impedance: <0.05Ω;
- Input signal frequency: 45~65Hz;
- Accuracy for PT secondary voltage drop (90%~110%Un): angle error 0.2´; ratio error 0.02%;
- Accuracy for PT, CT secondary load measurement: 1.0
  Measurement range: Admittance: 1.0~99.99(ms);
                                Impedance: 0.1~8(Ω);
- Accuracy for clock measurement: ±0.5ppm; 0.05s/d;
- Power supply: frequency 50Hz, range 45~450V;
- Power consumption: ≤11VA;
- Service condition, temperature:-10℃~40℃, humidity: 30~80%RH;
- Dimension: 365mm L×269mm W×151mm H;
- Net weight: 1.8Kg.

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