Wuhan HTFA-103A CT PT 检测仪 (0~600A)

Working power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Output devices: Note: 0~5A is the real value, and greater than 5A~20A is the calculated value

High current output: 0~600A

Excitation precision: ≤0.5% (0.2%* reading +0.3%* range)

Secondary winding resistance measurement

- scope of: 0.1~300Ω

- precision: ≤0.5% (0.2%* reading +0.3%* range)

Secondary actual load measurement

- scope of: 5~1000VA

- precision: ≤0.5% (0.2%* reading +0.3%* range) ± 0.1va

Phase measurement (Angle difference)

- precision: ±4min

- resolution of the: 0.1min

Contrast: precision: 0.05%

Phase measurement (Angle difference): precision: ±4min

                                                         resolution of the: 0.1min

CT ratio measurement: scope of: ≤50000A/5A (10000A/1A)

                             precision: ≤0.5%

PT ratio measurement: scope of: ≤500kV

                             precision: ≤0.5%

Work environment: temperature: -10℃~40℃

                       humidity: ≤90%

                       altitude: ≤1000m

Size: 410mm×260mm×340mm

Weight of the: ≤22kg



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