Wuhan HTFC-2GB 防雷元件测试仪

Voltage dependent resistor measurement
- Voltage (U 1mA): 
Range: (0~1999)V; Maximum error: ≤±1%±1d; Test Conditions: 1mA±5μA
- Leakage current (I 0.75U 1mA): 
Range: (0.1~199.9) μA; Maximum error:±(2 μA +1d); Test Conditions: 0.75 U1mA, ≤±2%±1d
Discharge tube measurement
- DC breakdown voltage (Vsdc)
Range:(5~1999)V; Maximum error: ≤±1%±1d; Test Conditions: Rate of voltage rising 100V/S±10%
Other parameters
- Insulating resistance : 6Ω(500V)
- Voltage withstand: AC1.5kV 50HZ 1min
- Temperature and humidity: 0~+40℃,≤85%RH
- Storage temperature and humidity: -10℃~+50℃,≤90%RH
- Power supply: DC12V dedicated power supply
- Power consumption: 8W
- Dimension: 208×190×78mm3
- Weight: ≤1kg
- Host
- Instrument Case
- Special Power
- Test Leads
- Test Wire
- Manual, Report, Certificate

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