Wuhan HTGY-3/220 高压变压器控制台 (Automatic, 220V, 13A)

Low-tension current: 0~22A

Low voltage: 0~250V

Meter voltage: 0~100V

Accuracy of voltage measurement in control

box: 0.5%FS±3character

Control box current measurement accuracy: 0.5%FS±3character

System measurement accuracy: 1.5%FS+3character

The length of the time: 0~3hours59minutes59seconds

Mains input: AC220V±10%; 50Hz±1Hz

Capacity: 3kVA

Power source

- Anthroposcopy: 1

- (V): 220

- (A): 13


- (V): 0~250

- (A): 12

Refer to the weight: 16



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