Wuhan HTXZ-2750/55 工频串联谐振测试系统 (2750kVA; 55kV)

Rated output voltage: 0~60kV (AC RMS) and below

Output frequency: 50Hz

Resonance voltage waveform: Pure sine wave, waveform distortion rate ≤1%

Work system: Full power conticontrol consolenuous working time of 1min

Quality factor: 10~40

Maximum test capacity: 3000kVA and below

Working power supply: 380V±15%, Power frequency 50Hz

Control console: 300kW

Voltage regulator: 300kVA(induction)

Reactor (dry): 750kVA/55kV Fixed two

                      1250kVA/55kV Adjustable one

Excitation transformer (dry): 120kVA oil-immersed

Voltage divider: 60kV

Scope of application: hydrodynamo.1.6~3.3μF.(20kV/770MW)



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