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Wuxi WEW-1000G 微机显示万能弯曲拉力试验机 (20-1000kN)

Maximum test force: 1000kN

The maximum allowable value of the relative error: ±1.0%

Load accuracy level: 20-1000kN

Deformation measurement range : 2%-100% FS

Maximum drawing space: 950mm

Maximum compression space: 800mm

Disc holder diameter of large circle sample: 32-56mm

Flat sample holder thickness: 0-30mm

Working piston stroke: 200mm

Upper and lower platen size: 205×205mm

Column spacing: 600mm

The maximum rising speed of the platform: 70mm/min

The maximum lifting speed of the moving beam: 300mm/min

Main external dimensions (length x width x height): 980×650×2860

Measurement system size (length x width x height): 950×500×770mm

Net weight: ≈4100kg


WEW G series microcomputer shows that universal testing machine (strands) can be used to test the steel strand tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation, equipped with clamp can also be done after all kinds of metal material tensile, compression, bending and shear test;It can also be used as a test for the stretching or compression of non-metallic materials such as concrete, cement and plastics.Meet GB/T 228.1-2010, GB/T 5224-2003, GB/T 232-2010

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