Yamato MG600H Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate (14kg)

Plate material: Aluminum with ceramic coating

Stirring capacity: 100 to 2,000ml×6pcs.

Revolution: 300 to 1,500rpm

Hot plate: W230mm×6pcs. Individual temp. control (Set by volume with OFF)

Heater: 230W×6pcs.

Temp. Control: Triac input control type

Hot plate temp.: Max.250°C

Motor: AC shading motor

Accessory: Stirrer bar 30mm 6 pcs.

Internal dimensions(φ mm): φ126mm

External dimensions(W×D×H mm): 606×420×122mm

Power Source: AC115V/AC220V

Single-phase with step-down transformer

Weight: 14kg



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