YAKE RY-60M 加湿器(60立方米/小时)

Process air: 60 m3 /hours

Power consumption: 500W

Power: 220V/50Hz/1P

Rotor Size: 160*30 mm


Corrosion prevention,mold/fungus prevention,product drying,condensation

prevention,moisture regain prevention,dry cooling

Proflute rotor,washable,10 years lifetime;

Equipped with an PTC type/electric heater regeneration heating;

SPCC cold rolled steel,1.5mm;

Double layers heater box,Rock wool,Armstrong insulation is used to avoid heat

loss and condesation;

SCR(silicon controlled rectifier) constant temperature controling system

ensures inside temperature constant and promise the reliable and stable

performance ;

Front & Back access door design for easier maintenance and troubleshooting;

Process air inlet and dry air outlet located at the same side for easier


Customized filters,G4 efficiency;

Auto stop protection function for Rotor;

ABB,OMRON and Schneider electrical accessories;

Delay time protection circuit & fault locater system;

Humidistat is used,a better way to control humidity

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