YAKE RYUS-09A 工业超声波加湿器(9kg/小时)

Desiccant capacity: 9 kg /hours

Steam pipe diameter: 110mm x 2

Power consumption: 900W

Power: 220V/50Hz/1P

Size:  640*420*500 mm

Coverage : 80-120m2

The quality patented atomizer;

Strong and robust construction with SPCC cold rolled steel,1.5mm;

Stainless steel water tank;

Time-delay protection,anti- backflow of mist design to avoid mist condensation


Auto-leakage protection;

Extremely fine mist,1-5 μ in diameter,maximum relative humidity reaches 99%;

Water filter;

Electronic backlight LCD control panel;

Zero noise,almost zero maintenance,simply operated.


Panel material(SPCC,SS)


Textile industry

Paper manufacturing

Spray coating industry

Tobacco industry

Fruit and vegetable storage

Food industry

Green houses,growing rooms

Artificial landscape

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