YKndt YKD18S 带爬行机器人的下水道/管道检查摄像机

Terminal control software

Size: 10"

The weight of the: 1kg

System: Operating system:Android

Positioning: GPS, BDS

Communication: 2.4G, 5.8G wifi, Bluetooth

Manipulation of the way: Multi-touch control

Information display: Real-time display of date and time, crawler Angle (pipe slope), air pressure, crawing distance (laying out meters), environmental video, gimbal azimuth Angle, lens elevation height. defect display clock indicator, anti-overturning alarm Pneumatic alarm, video custom text overlay, fuselage Angle and other information, the detection of pipeline defects Wolls according to the relevant standards to generate reports

Control function: Can control the spider forward, backward, turn, stop, speed regulation, automatic alignment, automatic robot cruise, lens rise, fall, light regulation: lens of a multiple amplification, horizontal or vertical rotation center or reduction, focusing, changing times, before and after images displayed at the same time, a button to reset the whole machine, laser calibration defect length, mist, and so on

Cable tray

Size: 540 mm 420 mm 300 mm 

The weight of the: 32KG

The signal transmission: Cable car to the terminal through WiFi wireless connection or cable cable cable to the machine through two core cable communication connection

The power supply mode: Built-in large capacity battery, battery life of more than 8 hours: The battery can be changed quickly to extend the battery we: Also available 220V mans, synchronous charging and use

Control system: With power switch, electric line, mains interface, wireless communication interface. All control modules are integrated in the control box, which can be quickly removed and replaced for easy maintenance

The meter functions: Meter sensor, can calculate the robot inside the pipeline walking distance: The counting accuracy of laying outlength is 0.05m

The length of the cable: Standard cable 150m

Cable material: Material: Kevlar (body armor material) Properties: super tensile, waterproof, oil resistant, wear resistant and corrosion resistant

Cable protection: Flexible brush for real-time cleaning

Shield construction: Cable car waterproof grade Ip65

Collect pay-off: Fully intelligent automatic retracting and releasing function, in a true sense to achieve synchronization with the crawler operation,

The spider

Rearview mirror head: Pixel: 1280 (H)*1024(V) 1.3 megapixel Photosensitive chip: 1/3 "SONY Ultra low illumination line by line CMOS Minimum illumination: color 0.05lux@F1.2; Black and white 0.01lux@11.2

The lens processing: with heating defogging function anti fogging, anti scraping, anticoagulation water

Nearly lamp lighting: Four bright white light sources

Far lamp lighting: 6+2 bright white light sources

Taillights lighting: Four bright white light sources

Drive: Imported motor, 6 wheel drive

Climbing ability: > 60° (maximum Angle depends on actual working conditions)

The center of gravity: Built-in attitude sensor, real-time detection of fuselage Angle with anti-overturning alarm function

Turn to: Double motor differential design, can be in situ 360 degree steering

The fuselage lift: Electric lifting frame, detachable, disassembled spider can be directly connected with the lens for use

Laser measurement: Parallel laser beam calibration crack width

The internal pressure: Safety pressure monitoring for each module of fuselage, head and lifting frame, waterproof performance Safety pressure range:8-15PS1

The shell material: Stainless steel, aviation aluminum alloy

Tire: 5'wheel: Diameter 130mm, 6. (standard) 9' wheel: Diameter 220mm, 4, (standard)

Communication: The robot communicates with the cable car through two core cables and supplies power  

Interface: Special aviation joint with 2 cores, waterproof IP68 grade

The power supply: Cable car power supply, endurance more than 8h (specific related to operation intensity)



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